Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Prophecy - Chaos Rising

The week has finally arrived and this weekend I am going to Prophecy - Chaos Rising (poster above). I bought my tickets months ago and have been waiting for this rave to finally come since I went to Utopia - Fire & Ice a few months back. This is going to be my first pure "Hardcore" rave I have been to (excluding HTID - Hardcore till you die cause that was total rubbish) so I don't know what the atmosphere is going to be like. I am sure it's going to be the same as most Hardstyle raves but a cannot be sure till I get in there. 

The line up looks amazing with 10 international DJ's that I have heard and love. I pretty much want to see everyone of the international DJ's except I do not know what to expect from Neophyte Record All Stars so that will be a surprise. The event goes from 6PM - 6AM and is 16+ so it's going to be attracting some of the more immature and dis respective ravers but that is basically the only down side.

Line up.

Neophyte (NL) - 
Evil Activities (NL) 
Alpha2 (NL) 
Tha Playah (NL) 
Neophyte Record All Stars (NL) 
Max Enforcer (NL) 
Mad Dog (ITA) 
Panic (NL) 
Beholder (NL) 
Balistic (NL) 


Nik Fish
S Dee
X Dream
MC Losty

As you can see a strong international lineup with some Australian DJ's which are alright but have seen to many times before. Tickets are still out for you Australian fans at

Happy Raving!

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  1. Crazy, that should be fun!

  2. hahaha, have a good time man! sounds like its gonna be a blast!

  3. Have a great time, let us know how it goes bro

  4. Ah too bad I don't live there D: Well have fun, tell us about it.

  5. I would love to attend but I can't go to Australia. =(

  6. wow seems like its gonna be a beast gig.

  7. Have fun pal!

  8. Sounds amazing. Hope it's a blast.