Thursday, 30 June 2011

DJ Isaac's Background and Podcast

DJ Isacc

Roel 'DJ Isaac' Schutrups was born in the northern part of Holland on June 8th 1974. Inspired by Ben Liebrand, he started his music career as a re-mixer for Dutch radio stations with an oldschool tape recorder and a small Casio sampler. 

Through the years he bought new and better equipment and started to develop his own unique style of production which resulted in his first record called "Bad Dreams" which was released in 1995 and became a huge Dutch hardcore techno hit as well as "Face Down Ass Up" which came out 2 years later.

DJ Isaac started deejaying as well and became one of the pioneers of Dutch hardcore techno. He played on huge events like Qlimax, In Qontrol and Defqon and showed his skills all over the globe in countries like America, Australia, Japan, Colombia, Russia, Italy, and Spain.

In 1999 DJ Isaac made his first club-trance remix of Hani's "Baby Wants To Ride" which became a top ten chart hit in Europe. In 2000, Isaac received a platinum record for his contribution to the Alice Deejay album "Who needs guitars anyway. In 2003, Isaac's own label: X-Rate Records. Under this label, he usually brings his own work and the cooperation with Zany , What You Need .

Every month, Isaac plays his favorite hardstyle tracks in Isaac's hardstyle sessions. Subscribe to this official Q-dance podcast to automatically get updated. This can be done through the iTunes website or easier yet through the iTunes program. I have been listening to his latest podcast' s and they are pretty wicked, they are not only new records but also old school records from years and years ago that is why I am enjoying them so much. I would definitely recommend checking the podcast out if you want to hear all parts of the Hardstyle genre that one of the largest DJ's in Hardstyle mix's himself.

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  1. i'll definitely need to check this guys music out now, thanks man!

  2. I saw DJ Issac live back in 2007 in Southern California, and his set was amazing. Blew my mind, thanks for refreshing my memory!

  3. Yeah, already checking him!! :) Thanks bro

  4. Hmmm...i'll have to check him out! I think i saw him somewhere on vacation a few years back. The name sounds familiar! Anyways, i'll look him up!