Sunday, 26 June 2011

24/6/2011 Hardstyle Releases #No.5

Date may vary depending on what time zone you live in, but it should within 24 hours.

Title: Ever Hardcore Ep
Artist: Michael Anger Brutallord
Songs: 01 Dance Like A Ho
           02 Good For Me
           03 Trust Me In Sane

Title: Alone In Time
Artist: Gravtex
Songs: 01 Alone In Hell
           02 Time Will Come

Title: Hardstyle Classics Vol. 2
Artist: Various Artists
Songs: 01 Face Down Ass Up - G1 & Twizted Feat. Darook MC
           02 Control The Mind - Zanza Labs
           03 Scream - ZX Aka Zenith Vs Avex
           04 1,2,3...Hardstyle! - Hard "Z" Bass
           05 Lunatick - Jones & B-Front
           06 Victims Of Hardstyle - Zenith Vs Dana
           07 In Da Club - Zax Aka Zenith DJ
           08 More Than A Style - Tatanka Vs Zenith
           09 Can You Feel It - Zenith & Zatox

Title: Pain
Artist: Chemical Noize
Songs: 01 Pain

PainTitle: Addicted (Clubland Anthem)
Artist: Brainkicker
Songs: 01 Addicted (Clubland Anthem)

Some great releases, will be looking forward to download a few of these albums.
Happy Hardstyleing!

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  1. Sound pretty cool! I'll check them out!

  2. Woah I love all these bans. They are good.

  3. Downloading this right now! Thanks for posting this.