Monday, 20 June 2011

20/6/2011 Hardstyle Releases #No.1

#Update: Added a new album that was released on the 20.6.2011, El Grekoz.

Date may vary depending on what time zone you live in, but it should within 24 hours.

Title: Tune Our Bass
Artist: El Grekoz
Songs: 01 Tune Our Bass (X-Pander Remix)

           02 Tune Our Bass (Original Mix)
           03 Ayne (Hardstyle Mafia's Angel Of Mercy Remix)
           04 Ayne (Original Mix)

Title: Existing Of Life Ep
Artist: ParaPhaze & Inverze
Songs: 01 Existing Of Life
           02 Existing Of Life (Cryptic Fuse Remix)
           03 Existing Of Life (D-Teq Remix)

Title: Scantraxx 052
Artist: Wasted Penguinz
Songs: 01 Crea Diem
           02 Play The Game
           03 Follow Your Dreamz

Title: Subwayz + Oomph
Artist: Chris Dynasty

Songs: 01 Subwayz
           02 Oomph
 Title: Unite (Official Defqon.1 Anthem 2011)
Artist: Noisecontrollers
Songs: 01 Unite

 Title: Haunted - Remember Me - Midnight Freaks
Artist: Titan
Songs: 01 Haunted (Original Mix)
           02 Haunted (Original Edit)
           03 Remember Me (Original Mix)
           04 Remember Me (Original Edit)
           05 Midnight Freaks (Original Mix)
           06 Midnight Freaks (Original Edit)

 Title: Evolutionz 018
Artist: D-Block & S-te-Fan
Songs: 01Underground Tacticz

So there we have the 20/6/2011 album releases, some great artists can't wait to get stuck into them!

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  1. I'm gonna check it out, thanks for posting!

  2. Time to get my listen on.


  3. i'm playing them on right now. thanks mate, keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks, I was listening to "Follow Your Dreamz" a few hours ago.

  5. I'll try these out next time I am in the mood for some bass! Don't have my own collection, so this reference will be handy.

  6. Thanks for posting this, which one are your favorites?

  7. Thanks, I am starting to really likeWasted Penguinz after seeing them perform earlier this year and DBTSF. :)